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There's still room for improvement

Still using the same recipe from Cindy's but with higher hydration. I add around 20 - 30 g more water and this is the result, open crumb, lighter and crispier crust. Admitted that the dough was quite sticky to worked  with by I'm getting hang on it. And by leaving it in the fridge overnight, the dough were easier to work with the next day. And I also learned that if I leave the dough in the fridge (cold fermentation) the taste of the bread are more sour than if I leave it on the counter.

Conclusions: Higher water ratio will give you open crumb, bit difficult to work with  and lesser water ration will give you tighter crumb but much easier to work.

For Same day Sourdough Recipe and link to Youtube Tutorials:  Cindy Hall's Same Day Sourdough bread
Mixing dough for Cindy's Sourdough
Cindy Hall's Same Day Sourdough; Stretch and Fold
Shaping loaf into boule (same day Cindy's Sourdough)
Scoring and Transfering Dough

Sourdough Starter Tutorial by The KitchnSourdough Starter…

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