Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Robocar Poli Themed Cake

To those who have not heard of this animation series:

 Robocar Poli (Hangul로보카 폴리; RRRo-bo-ka Polli) is a South Korean animated children's television series created by RoiVisual - source frm Wikipedia

Have to admit that I had quite a moment making these small miniature cartoon characters. Even Miss soon to be 16 dubbed my ruined cars plate as a graveyard for the cars..poor little cars she said and putting small pieces to her mouth and proudly showed me her blueish tongue.

After spending one whole day and painstakingly recreating the characters, I could proudly say that I did it.

To little Issam, hope you love the surprise your mommy asked me to do..Joyeux Anniversaire!!

Splash of Colours Birthday Cake

And another surprise for Audrey, this time was commissioned by her husband! Lucky gal

Rooster and Cherry Blossoms Chinese New Year Cake

Another cake order to celebrate the Rooster Year and a surprise birthday celebration for Audrey!

Air Fryer Ngo Hiang Loh Bak, Five Spices Crispy Meat Rolls

Last Thursday I was invited to my Chinese GF house to celebrate the 13th days of the CNY. It's been ages since the last time I celebrate it with friends. Of course I jumped to say yes the moment she sent me the invitation! Food and I are twin, we are inseparable... if you know what I mean. Just like Coffee and Me  *wink*

After googling and "pinteresting" for CNY recipes, I decided to make this  dish as I remember I have few packs of the dried beancurd skin that I need to use before leaving. And I found Bake With Paws recipe on Pinterest. Plus, Yeanley was very kind explaining to me the recipe..thank you Yeanley..i found you in Instagram too!!

I subs the pork meat to beef and switched the water chestnut to white radish as I can't find any here in Geoje.

Air Fryer  Ngo Hiang Loh Bak, 
Five Spices Crispy Meat Rolls

For subs:
Beef or Chicken Mince
White Radish
 Oil Spray

Air Fryer
Oil for deep frying

 Original Recipe from

 Thank you Yeanley!

Friday, 16 December 2016

Geoje Wind Orchestra Concert

Night out with family at Geoje Art Centre on Tuesday night. We've been invited by Louisa's music teacher, whom also the conductor for Geoje Wind Orchestra. 2 hours full of surprise. From classical music to christmas carols and nanta, a South Korean non-verbal comedy act

For the last Encore, they played Tombe la Neige which i didn't record it. Very nice rendition for Salvatore Adamo's song