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Another day, another bread

Like the title, another day, another bread baking project for me. For this, I experimenting with 3 kinds of flours, dark rye, whole wheat and all purpose flour. And I also skip the long fermentation in the fridge and opt for room tempt. Instead of waiting for 12 hrs and more, I just let it rise on the kitchen counter for 3 hours.

I skipped all the things that I should do as I realised we ran out of plain bread for dinner. And also, i'm trying to cut down the waiting game LOL!!

The crumbs came out chewy, nicely dense and quite tangy

*For this recipe, I omitted the walnuts and raisins. And also, I used 3 different kind of flours
Original Recipe: Country Sourdough with Walnuts and Raisins by The Clever Carrot

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